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 ~Rules on Turn back the pendulum section.~

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Altria Mizuno
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PostSubject: ~Rules on Turn back the pendulum section.~   Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:13 am

~This section is for role playing out the past of your character.This can be done alone,or with others.This allows for important events that happened in the past to be role played out,giving you better knowledge of them and allowing others to see your characters past. Remember to keep in mind that this is happening in the past and keep your character appropriate to the age,personality and power level they possessed then.If it's needed you can create characters that are deceased in current RP time for use only in this section.In such case,in their profile please state somewhere that they are deceased in current rp. (Examples of such characters are Yuuen and Kinomi Urame,and Yueh Mizuno. ) When posting in location thread,such as Academy,please note in your post how many years ago it's taking place so there's no confusion.When creating missions/events in this section please use following template:

Event Name: [Name your event]
Goal of the event: [What your event is for]
Specific Users: [Yes or No, if yes list the users that may partake in this event, use ; to separate user, like User1; User2; User3]
Location: [Post your event in the locations of the forum and just mention it here]
Time: [How many years ago is it taking place? ]
Story: [What is this event about?]

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~Rules on Turn back the pendulum section.~
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