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 ~The RP Guide~Currently closed and being re-done.~

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PostSubject: ~The RP Guide~Currently closed and being re-done.~   Tue Apr 06, 2010 4:54 am

~A quick guide to the RP that includes the nuts and bolts,things to know about the world and a small summery of the current events/plot.~
~Established Facts~
~First here are the races we currently have:Shinigami,Hollow,Arrancar.
Vizards,Humans with spiritual powers and Quincies are not a playable race yet.Though Vizards might be earned,you'd have to be pretty high level though..above Captain.

~Next,this world is set many years after the winter war.Though it still happened all the characters from the series are long gone.That means no Aizen,Ulquiorra,Ichigo or anyone else.

~Las Noches and Espada still exist,though the members are all new.The top ten Arrancar's in the RP are given the rank Espada though they can refuse it.If you want to be part of Espada please ask.The Cero (Zero) Espada leads them.

~Next,let's look at divisions.The Taichou of the 1st would be the general commander,2nd division is tied to the Onmitsukidō,4th division are healers and do little battle,11th division are warriors and seek battle,they mostly have power type zanpakuto and prefer to use their weapons instead of kidou,12th division is tied to the Department of Research and Development.

~There's a new organization,The Arcana.For more information on them please see their thread.

The Hōgyoku, according to official records it was destroyed during the Winter War.However,rumors circulated saying that it was actually broken,split into many less powerful yet still potent fragments.Now,so many years later..where are those fragments and who might be using them..who might be looking for them and why..

~The Captain of 1st division,The 0 Espada and The leader of the Arcana are all NPC characters since they are leaders of their respective factions and therefore important to the plot.Someone might be allowed to play them in the future but they start already high level and will either not level up or do it very slowly.
~Nuts and Bolts~

NPC are "Non Player Character." NPCs are characters that fill in the gaps. They can be anyone from Hollows,villains to captains and important figures They don't level up like a normal character and can be controlled by a variety of players depending on the situation.Other NPCs are created by players and they are tied to specific other characters.An example of this is player controlled Arcana member Akkei who has three Fraccion.They are all NPCs, and are related to Akkei's history and background.Such NPC's are same level as the player character they are tied to,they can be lower level but not higher.So if Akkei is level 5 her Fraccion are also level 5 or lower,however they can be more powerful then she is.Please try to keep the number of such NPC's to around three otherwise it can get pretty confusing.^^;

~Story so far~
This is a short summery of the story so far.Please remember that it doesn't go over any of the intertwined relationships that have formed between specific characters.But it will give you an idea of important plot points.

A group of shinigami on a mission to investigate a mysterious room discovered a hidden lab under the mountains in Rukongai section of Soul Society.Though it was mostly abandoned there was one scientists left along with his blue robot.In the end the laboratory is destroyed,the scientists escapes, however they manage to recover some files. According to them there are many more labs scattered about not only is Soul Society but also Hueco Mundo.The purpose is unclear but terrible experiments were done on Arrancars and Shinigami alike in order to achieve something called "The Perfect Form." The files talk extensively of making Arrancras more shinigami like and making shinigami more arrancar like.But what for?Everything was done in top who's behind it?The mysteriously vanished ex-captain of 12th division who disappeared 6
years ago or is it someone else?

The very next day Soul Society is invaded by the Arcana.Using a specially created Hollow called Fura that can spit out unlimited amount of Menos as a distraction they get into the Department of Research and Development.Though shinigami arrive at the scene they are too late,the Arcana take some machinery and copy some files from the main database while erasing the originals.In the insuring battle Arcana The Death-Mikiru Urame gets frozen solid in a block of ice by Uriko.Akkei Sakkaku,another Arcana member,gets him out and the Arcana retreat with the stolen articles.
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~The RP Guide~Currently closed and being re-done.~
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