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 The ¥ System

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PostSubject: The ¥ System   Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:23 pm

What is ¥? ¥(pronounced Yen) is the currency for the roleplay. You gain 15¥ per post and 150¥ per story. You can win ¥ from competitions or doing something that interested me (Starky). You can use ¥ to purchase items and equipment for your character. It will also cost ¥ to enter a tournament, but if you win you will win a lot of ¥.

NOTE: When you purchase something, you wont have it straight away. I will have to verify it so that I can remove your ¥. If you go ahead and use it without my verification then I will take double the amount of ¥ that you would have payed for and take away the item.
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The ¥ System
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