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 Character Rules

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PostSubject: Character Rules   Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:38 pm

Okay so basically, you've made an account, what do you do? Well what you have to do is PM one of the Administrators,like Starky,to activate your character sheet. Once they have that done, you can start to roleplay.

Things you need to do before I activate your Character Sheet:

1.Write a decent backstory.
2.Add a birthday for your character (It doesn't need to be your birthday, rather, your characters birthday).
3.Say which User you were on Soul Society if you had an account there.

It's pretty simple, now here are the character rules:

1.No Godmodding.
2.No controlling other characters,their actions or reactions.
3.On same note,when attacking,give others a chance to react to your
4.On the other hand you can't dodge everything. If no one ever gets hit it becomes boring quickly.
5.No immortality (If a fatal wound is dealt to you, do NOT continue the battle, we don't want plotkai).
6.Gender must be specified.
7.No spam posting, each post must have 7 or more words.
8.Your username should be the name of your character.
9.Please use OOC to indicate when you are speaking out of character.

NOTE: There is no limit on the amount of characters you have, so just create a new account per character, just make up a fake e-mail address!But make sure you can keep that number of characters active.

NOTE2: You may create your Shikai and Bankai or Ressureccion in your profile, but you may not use it until you reach level 12(Shikai), level 35(Bankai) and Level 23(Ressureccion)

NOTE3: You may join a division at level 3.
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Character Rules
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