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 Science Group - SG

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Luca Mordecai (NPC)
Luca Mordecai (NPC)

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PostSubject: Science Group - SG   Sun Jan 22, 2012 5:38 am

Science Group

Created by Luca Mordecai,then Captain of 12th division, Science Group has originally started out as part of 12th division and Department of Research and Development.It was a small group of like minded individuals,seeking knowledge and not wishing to be hampered by Seireitei's restricting rules.Meeting in secret they performed research and experiments of darker nature. Luca shared data he somehow obtained,and together with knowledge gathered from texts and experiments they soon started pursuing ultimate lure-creation of a perfect being and perfected method for doing so.After all,Vizards and Arrancars were indication both Shinigami and Hollows could evolve further..what if there were more steps to take? Initially using Hollows as experimental subjects,they moved onto souls from Rukongai and occasional Shinigami when research demanded it,aided by three shards of a Hogyoku Luca has in his possession. As group grew slowly meeting in secret in labs of Department became impractical. Using gathered funds they've built a secret lab on outskirts of Rukongai 500 years ago,officially naming themselves the Science Group,or SG for short.Some members wished to fully immense themselves in research,retiring from Gotei 13 under different pretenses or faking their death,as to avoid suspicions sudden departure of shinigami groups would arose.Slowly,SG grew in size and number, brightest scientists gathering there.Secret labs were built and opened in Soul Society,all over Hueco Mundo and even in Human World.Though their main research focused on creation of perfect being other projects were also worked on.

SG has several different locations,with labs situated all over Hueco Mundo,in several locations in Human World and on the outskirts of Rukongai in Soul Society.They are all situated deep underground,hidden away from sight and detection.Generally,labs are broken into four sectors,with circular room in the very center,containing central computer system running the place,being heart of it.North West block contains holding cells and facilities for detainment of test subjects and their upkeep.North East block contains all the labs and testing areas.South West block has offices,meeting rooms,file rooms and libraries,and labs for theory research.South East block contains living space for scientists and personnel,kitchens and cafeteria,relaxation areas and everything pertaining to pastime and not work related.Each block is further broken up into sectors,with different security clearances.All personnel and scientists have an ID card coded to them,stating: their name,rank,ID number and clearance level.Because SG is very secretive,everyone has their part to do in keeping labs running,be it cleaning or kitchen duty,getting new supplies,and such.This tasks are rotated,with everyone getting new duty each week.Only ranks from Page and up are relieved from it,as they have other duties.Security over whole lab is tight,with video cameras surveillance everywhere in North blocks and in many places in South.Regular teams of four patrol all blocks.Whole lab is shielded from outside with special shield to keep it undetectable to scanners.It's own scanners pick out any approaching signatures.Traps are scattered throughout the lab,at the entrance to it and in area outside it,activated by security alarm.A small legion of robots, is stationed in all labs,created to provide assistance.Blue in color,they have four arms,coated in seki seki to drain spirit energy from whoever they're restraining and are also equipped with paralyzing and knockout shots. A special shield is laid over the lab to detect immediately if anyone tries to open gate or portal in, be it garganta or senkaimon or something else.

~Goals ~
Main goal and project of SG is creation of a perfect being,dubbed project Perfect Form.The process polished out through trial and error varies for Hollows and Shinigami.
For Shinigami,first part is achievement of Shikai and Bankai,if needed.Then,both releases are trained to perfection and complete mastery,with full subjugation of the zanpakuto spirit.Next,an inner Hollow is woken within Shinigami.There have also been trials in implanting an artificial inner Hollow to the subject,however positive results were rather low,with better success rate if the Hollow is subject's own.Defeat and subjugation of the inner Hollow,with successful outcome resulting in Shinigami becoming a Vizard follow.Those who fail at this stage and turn into Hollows after being consumed by their inner Hollow are either disposed off or kept for some testing and experimentation purposes.Further training follows,with full mastery over mask and Vizards hollow powers.Next stage is achievement of Resurrecion,and 98% of subjects do not survive,either going mad or dying under the strain.Those that do survive and are able to use Resurrecion are then further trained in it.Next step is the trickiest,merging of inner Hollow and zanpakuto spirit into one,with both spirits having to be talked,threatened or forced into it.Final step is merging of Shinigami with their zanpakuto spirit.At this point,their zanpakuto disappears,with subject's appearance changing to be a merge between their own and their inner spirit's.They gain access to full abilities of their Hollow and their zanpakuto,with new ones manifesting.
For Arrancars,process starts with perfection of Resurrecion.Next,comes waking of zanpakuto spirit or artificial creation of one.Often,at this stage subject's mask would shatter,replaced with attribute of their zanpakuto spirit,and their abilities would change or expand.Training of new and changed abilities follows.The process divides here with some continuing to merge zanpakuto spirit with the subject and others diverting to implanting artificial Hollow in first,merging it with zanpakuto spirit and only then merging resulting spirit with subject.Results vary for both ways and death rates are high.Shards of Hogyoku are used to help with these projects.
In other research phenomena of nosferatu hollows is looked into,among other strange things.Work is also done on creation of artificial souls and beings.Everyone is also free to pursue their own small projects.

~Time line of History/Point in Story~


~Science Group has no alliances.They are secretive,remaining hidden.Gotei 13 is viewed as weak,and a source for new shinigami test subject,with similar view held on other groups.Espada are viewed with measure of carefulness and Arcana are seen as nuisance and annoying,yet treated carefully.

~Sections and Ranks~

-Creator of Science Group-
Black Joker: Luca Mordecai (NPC)
White Joker: Luca Mordecai (NPC)

Ace of Hearts:Nathaniel Cross
King of Hearts:Open
Queen of Hearts:Open
Page of Hearts:Open
Card Soldiers 10-2: Open

Special duties: Scouting and sorting through potential members.

Ace of Diamonds:Open
King of Diamonds:Open
Queen of Diamonds:Open
Page of Diamonds:Open
Card Soldiers 10-2: Open

Ace of Clubs:Open
King of Clubs:Open
Queen of Clubs:Open
Page of Clubs:Open
Card Soldiers 10-2: Open

Special duties: Scouting out and recommending,as well as apprehending potential subjects.

Ace of Spades:Open
King of Spades:Open
Queen of Spades:Open
Page of Spades:Open
Card Soldiers 10-2: Open

Special duties: Inner police of SG.

On sections:
-SG has a unique organization system.Upon joining member chose section to belong it:Hearts,Diamonds,Spades or Clubs.Each section isn't limited to one lab but has members in all labs.Members of all sections mesh and work together,there is no real division,with four sections kept for organizations sake.

On ranks:
-Ace's are the four founding members that were recruited by Joker and first formed SG together with him.Each is in charge of their section.All orders and missions go through and come from the Ace and it's their job to be informed and keep in touch with Aces of other sections.They keep affairs of the section in order,balancing budget and keeping members in check,rejecting or allowing new experiments members want to undertake and more.It's their job to make sure experiments are kept on track and there's progress with main goals of SG.Ace has main office in main lab and travels to all the labs,checking on their section's members progress with assigned tasks and their own works.They receive weekly reports from their section summarizing progress and longer,more complete monthly reports.It's Ace's job to inspect labs once a month,making sure all's well and on track.
-King and Queen: Are the right and left hands of Ace,and a stand in when Ace isn't there.Parts of paperwork goes to them and any requests,allowances for new projects,etc goes to them,which they bring to Ace next.They know all the goings on with their section and SG itself.Applications for new members and potentials test subjects are reviewed by them and in some cases,if needed,brought to the Ace.
-Page:The brightest and best scientists that work under King and Queen.Many covert this position for chance to learn from some of brightest minds of SG.
-Card Soldiers 10-2: Most numerous and main members of SG,with the higher the number the better they are in their field.

~Uniforms,gadgets,rules,important NPC's and misc~

-There is no real uniform within SG,however most members wear white lab coats during work and generally most of the time.
-Upon joining all members are issued the following items: A pin,bracelet or pendant,whichever they chose,shaped like organizations symbol,that all members wear somewhere on their person.An ID card stating their name, rank,section,clearance level and ID number.It's used to get inside and to access different sections.A special cellphone to keep connected and receive orders while in the field.It can store maps,scan for Hollows and connect to central computer mainframe at SG.A small communicator one can wear in one's ear,to keep connected with SG during missions,when hands must be free.A pair of scanner glasses,they can be of any design,that can be used to quickly scan area for spiritual signatures and upon encountering Hollow,Shinigami or other spiritual entity,analyze their signature and relative threat level.They can also store data of encountered signatures and perform search scan for them.Other functions include night vision mode and heat tracking mode.They can also take and store pictures,and up to 30 minutes of video.
-There are assorted gadgets and instruments members of SG use in the labs and in the field.Many also carry small,one doze shots of knockout and paralyzing drugs with them.SG has a large storage of different drugs and substances,however one needs permission from King/Queen of the section to remove them from storage/labs and carry with them in the field.Knockout and paralyzing drugs are one omission to this and generally uniformly permitted.
-There are four security levels in SG,going from highest to lowest being: A,B,C and D.A test subject will get transferred to labs with higher and higher security level as they progress through the stages.
Level D has nonlethal creations and projects.New test subjects start at this level.
Level C holds different range of projects,including creations with potential to harm.When test subjects achieve full mastery of bankai/ressureccion,they are transferred here.
Level B is for different projects and lethal creations.Study on creating anything artificial is done here.When test subjects gain Vizard's mask/synchronicity with zanpakuto spirit,they are transferred here.
Level A is for high end projects and experiments.Anything with potential to destroy small country or large city is placed here.Subjects that are transferred here are to undergo last stages,where their inner spirits are merged together and then merged with them.Some potentially dangerous test subjects also get placed here.Nosferatu research is done here and all Nosferatu subjects are automatically brought here.Higher end of artificial creation projects is also worked on here.One must receive clearance from King/Queen to work on this level and even then it's given only for specific sections.
There is also level S.Only most secretive projects are placed here.Only Aces,few select King and Queens,upon their Aces discretion and Joker have clearance for level S.

-Luca Mordecai is an NPC character for now.He is a very old shinigami and ex-captain of 12th division.Even among Aces,few known of his true appearance,for Luca always wears Joker's mask.It is said he's a master of disguise and no one has ever seen his actual,true appearance.His clothes also fit his station as the Joker and for some reason cycle between appearances of White and Black Jokers.What some of higher cards notice is that his personality seems to alter as well between the two.His eyes are ever continuously changing color,blue today,red tomorrow,purple in a week.It's unknown if his own eyes do this or if he wears different colored contacts to hide his true eye color,or if there's something else behind it.One thing that's constant is his hair,it's always deep pitch black.Being leader of SG,Luca is the one who sets main goals and priorities.The fours Aces are like his arms,doings tasks assigned and making sure everything's going according to plan.Mainly staying in Main Central lab,Luca does inspection of all the labs once every couple months.He also expects monthly progress and condition reports from each lab and each Ace,King and Queen.He's rarely seen by those below Page's rank.However,whether one is aware of it or not,Joker is always watching from the shadows.

1.SG is extremely secretive.Members are not allowed to speak of it's existence or work they do to anyone,be it their best friend or even their mother.Any leaking of information is considered treason.Punishment will range from prison sentences to death worse,such as ending up as a subject yourself...depending on the crime committed and Jokers judgment.
2.All members have a small mark shaped as card suit they belong to (heart,club,spade or diamond) somewhere on their body.They are normally invisible and manifest when reiatsu is directed at the area.It is not permitted to show or tell this to any not of SG.
3.It is against the rules to remove ones working projects from the labs or to test it outside of labs,unless permission was give.However,one can acquire permission to take certain projects home to work on.This applies to projects from security sections C and B.
4.It is not permitted to remove working projects from their respective labs in security section A.Any tries to sneak projects out will be severely punished.
5.Any completed projects from section: A-can be taken out and used with Ace's permission only,B/C-can be taken out and used after filling up appropriate paperwork, D-can be taken out and used.
6.Any attempts to help test subjects escape will be severely punished.
7.Any attempts to sabotage a test subject will be severely punished.
8.Any deliberate tries on test subjects life will be severely punished.

~Things to know~
-Potential test subjects are scouted out by regular scouting groups.Each member may also recommend someone for testing.Information on powerful Shinigami and Arrancars is often investigated to see if they would make a good test subject.Some things that are considered include if the subject would be greatly missed,would their going missing raise much clamor,what kind of connections they had.When potential subject is found,they are trailed for few days with trap then laid out in place they most frequent.Most often used way is to place a concealed seal that leaves subject paralyzed upon stepping on it or to initiate a sneak attack and inject shot of knock out drug. Upon being delivered to one of the labs subject is processed,it's decided which experimental project it'll go to and then it's places in appropriate holding cell.All weapons,including zanpakuto,as well as most any possessions are stripped and standard clothing is issued consisting of white pants and shirt.Monitoring bangle is placed on one arm along with bangle/collar set to lock off all spiritual powers.
-All test subjects receive a tattoo once their powers and elements are studied and known.It can be placed anywhere and often symbolizes their type of power.This tattoo can be scanned to obtain data on the subject and their file.
-At the moment,there are five labs in Soul Society,three in Human World and ten labs in Hueco Mundo.There is also one Main lab in Hueco Mundo,the largest one.

~Application for Joining~

Name: The full name of your character.
Card Section: The Section in which your character will join. (Clubs,Spades,Diamonds or Hearts.)
Position: The position you desire for your character.
URL of Profile: Your profile on the site.
Reasons For Joining: Why your character would have wanted to be a part of this group?
Notes: Any notes you would like to add.

Note: You can have a character that's been a part of SG for some time or one that was newly scouted to join.

-Post filled out application in this thread.

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Nathaniel Cross
Nathaniel Cross

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PostSubject: Re: Science Group - SG   Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:07 am

Name: Nathaniel Cross
Card Section: Hearts
Position: Ace of Hearts
URL of Profile:
Reasons For Joining: Nathaniel is interested in different kinds of research SG does and being scientists with doctorates in different fields from biology to studies on spirit energy and souls he holds special interest in learning all there is about souls,both real and artificially created ones.He may have other reasons he's keeping to himself.
Notes: He has been part of SG since its creation, drawn in by Joker and is one of founding members.
His section's heart mark is in middle of left palm.
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Altria Mizuno
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Seated Officer
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PostSubject: Re: Science Group - SG   Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:32 pm

~Approved and Added~

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PostSubject: Re: Science Group - SG   

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Science Group - SG
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