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PostSubject: ~Arrancar~   Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:33 am


The Arrancar are Hollows that have ripped of their mask to gain Shinigami like powers in combination with their Hollow skills.Normally, this can only be done once a hollow has reached a critical stage of power, normally as an Adjuchas or Vasto Lorde level hollow. Despite this, Gillians have been known to undergo the transformation as well. A Hogyoku fragment can also be used to turn Hollow into Arrancar.Unlike a shinigami, an Arrancar's abilities are not sealed within a form, but rather their physical body. Despite this, they still possess a zanpakuto. Because they shattered their mask, an Arrancar has regained their former intelligence as a regular soul, as well as a fraction of their compassion and empathy. Still equipped with a hollow hole and a piece of their old mask, an Arrancar is a true example of the power hollows have.Arrancars are souls and can't be seen by normal humans,unless they happen to posses spiritual powers,but are quite capable of influencing environment.To be visible they must use a gigai,just like shinigami.While Arrancar can age and die of natural causes or physical injury they have extended life-spans and enhanced endurance,able to sustain injuries that would kill a normal human.Typically, they do not have to eat anything to sustain themselves like Shinigami, but it is not uncommon for Arrancar to retain the need for human souls or to cannibalize other hollows.Arrancars normally live in Hueco Mundo and many join Las Noches,striving to become one of elite Espada.All Arrancars can open a Garganta, which is a rip in reality that allows them to move quickly from one realm to the next without much restriction, only certain rare and special anti-Garganta devices can stop it.The Arrancar seal the nuclei of their abilities within the form of a sword. It is entirely different from what Shinigami use. When they release their Zanpakutōs' seals they unleash their true power and their true form.The combat efficiency of an Arrancar with a released Zanpakutō is increased several times over. Arrancars come in two kinds: those that became Arrancars naturally and those that were changed with help of Hogyoku.They also come in different flavors: those belonging with Las Noches,ones with Arcana,rare few belonging to Science Group and Rogue,or freelance Arrancar that never joined any group,were exiled from one or left one of their own will,or are hiding from one,being pursued for some crime.
~Arrancar Abilities~
Arrancars have a number of abilities they posses regardless of their power level.These include:
Cero is a wave of pure energy,reiatsu concentrated into condensed form, that shoots out like a massive beam, it can be fired from various parts of the body, but is commonly shot from the mouth or hand and has very high level of destructive potential.The stronger the character, the quicker and more powerful the Cero.Generally, the color for a Cero is relative to the user's reiatsu color. While charging their Cero, the user must remain perfectly still.
-Gran Rey Cero is an Espada exclusive Cero, a very powerful version of normal one,with its level of destruction and blast radius much greater.
-Cero Oscuras is also Espada exclusive Cero, reserved for Espada #4 and higher. Pure black, it's level of destruction is enough to destroy most of Las Noches.
Bala is high speed alternative to the Cero.Similar to it, the user condenses their spiritual energy into hardened bullets and fires them at the opponent. Although much weaker, they are 20x faster then a Cero.Stronger Arrancar can also fire a more powerful Bala, while retaining its twenty-fold speed.
Hierro is hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of subconsciously compressed reiatsu around their body into a skin-tight layer of pressurized energy.While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakuto bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar have thicker skin than weaker ones.
Sonido is the Arrancar's equivalent of Shunpo, this technique allows for users to increase their movement to very high speeds in order to move in a short burst. When using this flash step-like movement, the sound of sharp static crackles throughout the area.Advace masters of sonido may leave afterimage in their wake.
Pesquisa is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure.Being a sonar-based technique, Arrancar use this ability to sense spiritual pressure in the area around them.
Caja Negacion..Although Arrancar are not capable of utilizing the Gillian-Menos level skill known as Negacion, they are capable of using something very similar. The Espada possess cube-shaped devices, that when activated, seals another Arrancar of their choice in an alternate dimension. This cube was intended to be inescapable from the inside, but stronger Arrancar, notably the Espada themselves, are capable of freeing themselves from it.
The first boost in power for Arrancar is the first release of their zanpakuto, called a Resureccion.It returns the essence of an Arrancar's offensive hollow abilities to their humanoid bodies.Arrancar seal the nuclei of their abilities within the form of a sword, entirely different from what the Shinigami use. When they release their weapons' seals, they unleash their true power and their true form.The only time they can return to human form is when they reseal their powers in sword form. Changing their form without resealing their powers in a sword is the same as burning off an arm, and if they were to discard a part in their released form they can never return to normal again.Resurrecion is activated with command word,usually reflecting Arrancars powers in some way,followed by their Zanpakuto's name. Such as,"Rip,Pantera!" This can also be accompanied by specific stance or gesture.
Because their powers are sealed in their Zanpakutō, an Arrancar's release will usually transform their body into a Hollow-like form, allowing them to use all of their abilities freely. This form usually reflects what the Arrancar looked like as a Hollow, although to highly varying degrees. A Resurrección restores an Arrancar to its "true" form, resulting in significantly various increases in speed, strength, stamina, durability and spiritual power, as well as allowing access to both more powerful variations of previous techniques and completely new abilities. Also,upon it's activation all minor wounds are healed.Some Arrancar even gain new weapons as a part of their released form.
A secondary transformation able to be obtained by an Arrancar is known as Segunda Etapa.When an Arrancar enters their second state of power, their transformation becomes much more elaborate. It provides the holder with a more extensive array of physical assets and techniques.

~Things to know~

Because Arrancars simply seal their powers they can all use Resurreccion.However,you are allowed to use Resurrecion only upon reaching level 12.You receive three more techniques.Second release,Segunda Etapa,is obtained at level 35.You receive six more techniques.Upon first use of either in rp please be descriptive and detailed in describing it.
Description of Resurreccion/Segunda Etapa and it's current abilities and techniques should be explained in application and approved by moderator before it's used in rp.

~Arrancar Skills~
-Zanjutsu. (How good your character is at swordplay.)
-Cero/Bala (This includes either Cero or Bala,to represent your specialty,with other being one rank below.Please indicate which.)
-Hollow Resonance (This reflects your characters mastery over Resureccion and it's abilities and how powerful they are.)
-Hakuda. (Hand to hand combat.)
-Pesquisa. (How good is your character at picking up and detecting reiatsu of others.This also shows how well they can hide their own presence.)
-Sonido (Your characters mastery of speed techniques.)
Novice:You have learned to use Sonido.
Beginner:You can use Sonido for longer jumps.
Basic: When using Sonido you move fast enough to leave up to one afterimage clones behind
Intermediate:When using Sonido you move fast enough to leave up to two afterimage clones behind
Advanced:When using Sonido you move fast enough to leave up to three afterimage clones behind.
Master: When using Sonido you move fast enough to leave up to five afterimage clones behind.

~Arrancar Skills Cost~
Sonido - 1 endurance point per use.
Cero - 5 endurance points per use.
Bala - 2 endurance point per use.
Gran Ray Cero- 7 endurance points per use,Espada exclusive.
Cero Oscuras-9 endurance points per use.Can only be used by Espada #1-4
Garganta - Can be used once per post.
Caja Negacion - Espada exclusive, costs half of the user's reiryoku energy to use in endurance (If the user has 30 reiryoku, it costs 15 endurance). If the sealed Arrancar's reiryoku is at least 3/4's of the imprisoner's (and below), it will cost them 20 endurance to escape. Anywhere between that and equal costs 15, and any amount higher costs only 5. If the imprisoned is 30 reiryoku higher then the user, they are not affected by the technique at all.

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