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PostSubject: ~~Humans~~   Tue Jun 21, 2011 8:04 am


Humans,the most numerous and ones from whom most other races stem.A small percentage of Human population develops high amount of reiryoku and become able to see and interact with reishi made objects,such as souls,to varying degrees.Even smaller percentage of them are born with ability which allows them to manipulate 'soul' of matter for variety of effects.This ability is called Fullbring.Such humans each have a parent who was attacked by a Hollow before they were born. Traces of the Hollows' powers remained in their mothers' bodies, which were then passed onto them when they were born. Thus, the powers resemble those of Hollows more than they resemble those of Shinigami. Fullbring abilities do not and cannot change through growth. However, Fullbringers must progress to a certain level before they can use their abilities to their fullest.As such, the Fullbring of a user that has not reached such a level appears to be different, and can be considered "incomplete".When the Fullbring reaches its full potential and evolves to his final stage it will emit a violent burst of energy that can damage the user's body, therefore its needed another fullbring user to be there in order to block the explosion and prevent the now-complete fullbring from damaging its user.However,a person can go their whole lives without being aware of this power.A contact with another being of high spiritual power,such as a Hollow attack,can trigger a surge in those powers.At first activation they tend to be weak and chaotic,only with much practise and experience can that energy be channeled and controlled properly.
~Standing together~
Humans with awakened powers have banded together into organization called Xcution.They seek out others of their kind,providing support and training,teaching control of their powers.Their other job is protection of ordinary humans from Hollows.Xcution has allied with Quincies organization,Crossing Arrows.Their members often come to work with each other.
Fullbring can be used for a variety of different things. Users can perform such feats as pulling out the soul of a drink to have it help him drink it, pulling the soul out of asphalt to make it more elastic or to even be able to walk on water by pulling on its soul.Fullbring can also be used for high speed movement.When doing this, a Fullbringer's feet will begin to emanate a light called Bringer Light. This is a sign that the user is beginning to master Fullbring.Fullbring also allows for a user to accelerate in mid-air.
Much like Quincies have Mekkyaku,Quincy Cross,Fullbring users also have an object that is used as a focus for their powers.This can be anything,from a bookmark to boots to a necklace to even their own skin.However,the object has to be important to the user,they must have pride in it. This object will have the memories stored in it of the user, transferred and updated every single time the user touches that object. This means that the longer the user has had the object, the "stronger" or easier to manipulate it will be.Usually,the object will also reflect in some way users Fullbring power,which can be literally anything.
After first waking their Fullbring powers one must work on fully mastering them.Achievement of First Stage marks their grasp of their power.Achievement of Second Stage marks ones full mastery of Fullbring.

~Things to know~
Humans achieve first stage of their Fullbring at level 12.You receive 3 more technique.Second,and final stage of Fullbring is achieved at level 35.You receive six more techniques.Achievement of each stage should be described fully and in detail whether it happens during a mission or in training thread specially made for it.
Description of first and second stages, and their current abilities and techniques,should be explained in application and approved by moderator before it's used in rp.

~Human skills~
-Custom Skill
-Custom Skill
-Custom Skill

-Hand to hand (How good are they at hand to hand combat.)
-Reiatsu detection. (How good is your character at picking up and detecting reiatsu of others.This also shows how well they can hide their own presence.)
-Jinsokuippo (Aka quick step. Your characters mastery of speed techniques.)
Novice:You have learned to use Jinsokuippo.
Beginner:You can use Jinsokuippo for longer jumps.
Basic: When using Jinsokuippoyou move fast enough to leave up to one afterimage clones behind
Intermediate:When using Jinsokuippoyou move fast enough to leave up to two afterimage clones behind
Advanced:When using Jinsokuippo you move fast enough to leave up to three afterimage clones behind.
Master: When using Jinsokuippo you move fast enough to leave up to four afterimage clones behind.

~Skills Cost~
Jinsokuippo- Costs 1 endurance point per use.

Note:Custom skills slots are for Humans because their powers and abilities vary greatly and do not fall under any one set of categories.
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