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PostSubject: ~Hollows~~   Tue Jun 21, 2011 7:31 am


Hollows are former Pluses (deceased human souls) that lose their hearts to despair or remain in the real world for too long. Any spirit that is not guided to the Soul Society by a Shinigami via Soul Burial may eventually descend into a Hollow.
~Transformation Process~
The majority of ghosts peacefully move on to the Soul Society after their deaths. Some, however, stay in the living world to fulfill certain goals, such as looking after a loved one, protecting a particular location, or pursuing a grudge from beyond the grave. However, with only limited abilities to interact with the living, and by definition tied to their goals, many ghosts find they are unable to cope when their loved ones move on or old enemies forget them. At this point, some will become dangerously obsessed with fulfilling those goals, even if the means to fulfill them renders the soul empty: for example, killing anyone who comes near a loved one, in order to keep them from hurting that person. In doing so, the ghost warps into a Hollow and, ironically, often makes the focus of their obsession into their first victim
The process by which a soul becomes a Hollow usually takes months to years to complete, reflected by the length of the soul's Chain of Fate, which resides in the center of their chest.The Chain of Fate slowly corrodes over time, coinciding with the degradation of the soul's ties to the living world. The process can be accelerated under certain conditions, such as being attacked by a Hollow, giving into extreme despair or through the use of certain spiritual powers. When the chain completely decays, they become a Hollow when a hole opens up on their chest, where the chain was attached,signifying that they have lost their heart.
Once a soul becomes a Hollow, it is driven by an eternal and insatiable hunger to devour other souls, living or dead, to fill the void caused by its descent. While their former obsession often becomes their first target, most Hollows will eventually become mindless creatures concerned only with finding the most potent souls to devour. Stronger and more evil Hollows are often able to retain some of their intelligence in Hollow form, making them more dangerous than the average Hollow. While most Hollows are evil, or at the very least mindless, at least a few are not.
All Hollows wear masks, which are formed from the hearts that they had lost as Humans.This mask protects the naked instinct that is left in a being after the loss of its heart, and to obscures the original identity of the Hollow.The masks of different Hollows can differ greatly in shape and form, but are always white and skull-like. The mask can be shattered, temporarily allowing the Hollow to regain its original identity, but it will regenerate after a short period once the Hollow takes over again.
Hollows lose their hearts from the pain of not being saved by a shinigami and that forms a hole.Their lost hearts become their masks.Not just their masks,but each Hollow's unique appearance,their individual traits and powers,those are all formed from the hearts that were taken from them.The powers a Hollow wields are also manifestations of its heart.
Hollows are usually killed by splitting their mask and head in two, but most wounds that would be fatal for a Human will effectively dispatch them. When this is done by a Shinigami's Zanpakutō, the Hollow is not truly killed; its spirit is purified of the sins it committed as a Hollow. This allows the spirit within to enter the Soul Society as a Plus. In cases where a Hollow committed great sins as a mortal, its purification will summon the gates of Hell, through which the soul is dragged to its punishment. When a Hollow is killed by a Quincy, however, it is destroyed, soul and all.
~Demi Hollows~
A Demi-Hollw is a Jibakurai, an earthbound spirit who is evolving into a Hollow. It usually takes a while for the earthbound spirit to fully transform into a Hollow, but this process can be sped up by forcing the hole in their chest to open. The Demi-Hollows are held down by chains, usually to somewhere they consider to be their territory. They are usually only seen when a Human steps on their territory and cannot be easily sensed by Shinigami.
~Hollow Classifications~
Though most Hollows are simply transformed Human souls, a sub-group of Hollows known as Menos exist. Menos are conglomerations of hundreds of normal Hollows, resulting in a single composite entity of far greater strength than any normal Hollow.
Menos are created when the void within an ordinary Hollow's heart becomes so substantial that Human souls are incapable of sustaining it, at which point it begins devouring fellow Hollows. These cannibal Hollows are attracted to one another, and a mass inter-devouring follows, resulting in a Gillian.Following this transformation, the Gillian can evolve twice more, first into an Adjuchas and finally into a Vasto Lorde, provided certain conditions are met. Menos evolution is not only contingent upon the Menos eating other Hollows, but also upon the Menos' ability to avoid being eaten. If another Hollow succeeds in devouring even a part of their body, evolution becomes impossible for the one which was wounded this way. Menos-class Hollows are considered so dangerous that Soul Society sends only highly trained Shinigami teams to handle them.
-Gillian aka Menos Grande are the first and weakest of all Menos. In human terms they would be considered foot soldiers. There are many of them and they all look alike.Gillians are huge, but they are slow and have beast-like intellect. Any Captain would be able to destroy them with ease.Gillians commonly attack in a group and arrive in the Human World through the use of spatial distortions called Kūmon.Gillians are huge in size,towering 2-6 stories tall.They are cloaked in black covering and have white masks with elongated noses.
Though Gillians usually have no personality to speak of, which makes them dangerous since they have no mind of their own, one of the many Hollows that comprise it might gain control over the newly formed entity, reflected in the unique mask it wears in comparison to a normal Gillian. Only these Gillian variants have the potential to evolve into Adjuchas-class Menos. The evolution is facilitated by the continued cannibalization of fellow Hollows, even other Gillians.
-Adjucha are the second classification of Menos. They are smaller than Gillians and fewer in number. However, they're much smarter and stronger than Gillians. They're often the ones who lead Gillians into battle.Adjuchas are commonly solitary creatures rarely joining into groups.Adjuchas must continue to devour Hollows, or its mind will be absorbed by the other Hollows comprising its form and it will revert back into a Gillian. The subsequent lack of an individual will also preclude the reverted Gillian from becoming an Adjuchas again.Also, if any part of an Adjucha is devoured, they permanently cease evolving but they will also stop regressing back.
-Vasto Lorde are the third classification of Menos and the highest level of evolution. They are extremely small Hollows, roughly the same size as humans and are extremely rare in number.
Like Shinigami, Hollows have a multitude of combat skills and abilities, most of which are usually unique to specific Hollows. The more powerful Hollows, however, have access to a range similar techniques of greater power or use than their own unique skills. Hollows usually acquire energy to power their abilities by devouring souls, but smaller ones can also ingest energy from the atmosphere when in realms with high concentration of spiritual energy, such as Hueco Mundo.

Soul-Body Separation:This technique allows a Hollow to forcibly extract a living spirit from his/her body. It is usually not used because Hollows tend to go after Pluses, who have no physical or living body to speak of. The soul is still attached by the Chain of Fate and can be saved, but if it is broken then the soul can prevent the Encroachment so long as he/she is placed inside a soulless body or animal.
Acidic Touch:When a Hollow grabs a Human with their hands, the spot where the person was grabbed is shown to get burned as if acid were poured onto it.These wounds allow the Hollow's reiatsu to seep into the person, causing great pain to the victim. The wounds can heal if given enough time
Cero is a highly powerful and relatively swift energy blast that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers.
Garganta is how Hollows and Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo.It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.
Negacion are used to rescue fellow Hollows. Only the Gillian-class Menos can use it.
High-speed regeneration is the ability that allows a Hollow to heal most injuries very quickly, with the exception of the destruction of the head or vital organs.

~Hollow Skills Cost~
Soul-Body Seperation - 4 endurance per use.
Acidic Touch - 3 endurance per use. Defense lower then the spirit of the user will be affected for 5 posts. Defense equal to the spirit of the user will be affected for 3 posts. Defense higher then the spirit of the user will be affected for two posts.
High Speed Regeneration - Costs 10 endurance per post to use. May only regenerate up to half a limb per post. Full use of the limb returns after 3 posts of regeneration. Organs require two posts to regenerate.
-Gillian,Adjucha and Vasto Lorde-
Cero - 5 endurance points per use
Kumon - This has no cost, but can only be used once per post.
Negacion - 25 endurance per use.
Garganta-no cost,can be used once per post.
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