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 ~Forum Upgrade and Update

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Altria Mizuno
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PostSubject: ~Forum Upgrade and Update   Wed Apr 13, 2011 9:46 am

~As I'm sure everyone noticed we now have a new forum look.This is part of forum wide update going on that consists of two parts: 1) Updating the look of the forum and 2) Updating the contents.There is a list sitting near me stating everything that needs to be done and it's slowly getting checked off.I'd like to thank you all for sticking around,helping out and being patient and ask to hold on a bit longer as updates get done. ^^ I'll keep track of things currently being worked on here so everyone can see what's going on. ^^

~To be done today:
-Create thread explaining plot of the forum,from the past to current events.
-Add templates for all the races into Character Application section.
- Re-make threads for each organization.
- Update rules
-Add sections for Quincy,Vizard and Human Fullbring powers into profiles.
- Create icon for Global Announcements.
-...more pending.

~If you have any ideas or suggestion for the updates please feel free to post them here as well. ^^


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~Forum Upgrade and Update
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